Using Pig Waste Petroleum For Asphalt Roads

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Huge amounts of animal waste containing urine and feces accumulate in livestock farms.  Disposal of the waste creates a huge problem.  It is a hazard to the environment creating harmful gases that contribute to the greenhouse effects that are causing global warming.

The scientific community spends quite a lot of research to discover methods of resolving the animal waste disposal. They are looking for ways to turn this waste into something useful.

The following video highlights a useful idea for a pig manure extract, petroleum.  Yes, surprisingly one of the components contained in the animal waste is a type of petroleum.  Which, is also a key ingredient of an important product for our road infrastructure, asphalt.

The success of using animal waste for a useful and needed product will certainly be monitored with great interest.  Of course, with any new product, it will have to be thoroughly tested to verify the expected useful life.  This material is obviously much cheaper than the current petroleum which is extracted from oil.

Time will tell as the development process continues to prove how well the asphalt made from pig waste will hold up to intense road traffic, weather and other abuse.

Pig manure paves road to sustainable asphalt – Science N




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